We glue the wallpaper that it is important to know the advice of professionals

When you want to change something in yourself, we make a new hairstyle. And when it draws to changes in the house? That’s right, we switch the wallpaper.

But, for starters, they must be selected. The wallpaper is imported quite often to the construction store. And having gone through several supermarkets to find a suitable option is not so difficult. Pay attention to the meter. If the drawing implies fitting, then it is necessary to make an amendment when calculating the number of rolls. Buy wallpaper only in those stores where you can deploy the strip. Quite often a drawing that looks attractive in the roll, on the wall will spoil the mood.

So, the choice is made. Now you need to get rid of old clothes on the walls. It is very desirable to purchase a special spatula for this. It is easy to cut a traditional kitchen knife, not to mention the fact that it will be spoiled. The walls need to be cleaned completely, without leaving pieces of paper. Little secret, if it does not come out – soak the surface. After 5 minutes, everything will go away like a clock. At this stage, gaps are smeared and a primer is applied, that is, a layer of wallpaper glue.

Next, proceed to marking and cutting. Professionals have a special table for this, but those who make repairs with their own hands will fit and the usual. Do not forget two important nuances. Firstly, there are practically no even ceilings, which means that measurements should be regularly adjusted with the help of a plumb line. Secondly, take into account the docking of the pattern.

The sticking procedure is as follows. After applying the composition, it folds in half, glue in the middle, and the upper edge is applied to the wall. Next, the piece is opened and aligned with the hands. In the end, with the help of a roller, air bubbles are squeezed out.

Important! After pasting in the room for a day there should not be drafts. Otherwise, work will be in vain.

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