Various jewelry for home how to choose

Creating comfort and decorating your own home is the main task of every housewife, especially if these jewelry is made with your own hands. Decorative bottles are considered the most interesting and light, everyone can do such bottles, simply using a little imagination and skill.

In order to make beautiful decorative bottles, we need several different things.

A few bottles of various sizes and shapes, it is good if it is a bottle of an unusual shape.

Acrylic paints of different colors, matte and mother -of -pearl.

Beads, various beads, sequins, sparkles, sea pebbles.

Colored silk, woolen threads of various colors.


Multi -colored salt, buckwheat or rice groats, dry peas or beans.

With the help of a list of these things, you can make with your own hands several varieties of decorative bottles that will be pleasant to put at home as a jewelry or not to give friends as a souvenir.

For example, makes a decorative bottle for the kitchen. This will need buckwheat, rice and peas. To begin with, we fill up the rice into the bottle, pours it with transparent glue and let it dry for several hours, then pour buckwheat there, also fill it with glue and let it dry, at the end we pour peas and poured with glue. As a result, we get a bottle filled with three layers of various cereals, which in itself looks like a kitchen decoration. After that, you can decorate the bottle on the outside, use for this the same glue and various beads, tie a bow from the tape on the neck. So the pretty decorative bottle is ready, which will be an excellent decoration on the kitchen table or shelf.

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