How to save in the supermarket tips and rules

Modern supermarkets – a product of the ingenious commercial idea of ​​Americans. Everything is arranged here so that the buyer spends as much money as possible. There are no windows so as not to distract customers from goods, pleasant music plays, special metal warehouse racks are placed in rows, on which products are thought out with knowledge of psychology. Just extend your hand and take the right thing … or unnecessary? It is very difficult to deal with temptation in such stores, but it is quite real. To do this, just follow several rules.

But simple tips on how to save in a supermarket during purchases:

Before going to the store, make a list of purchases, better in writing. Do not retreat from the planned one step.

Keep checks. This will help to analyze the acquisitions. Perhaps in the future, something can be crossed out or replaced with a cheaper analogue.

Plan menu for a week. It’s easier to buy products at wholesale prices.

Avoid greenhouse and overseas vegetables and fruits. There are very few benefits from them, but the number of nitrates and pesticides is going through. In addition, such goods hurt pocket.

Do not be lazy to cook at home. Of course, returning home from work, the legs themselves go to the cooking department. But, firstly, finished cutlets and salads are very expensive. Pay attention, for a reason, the price of them is indicated for 100 g., so as not to scare the visitor. Secondly, traditionally, all products, the expiration date of which is approaching the end, is promptly transmitted to the processing workshop. So why risk your health?

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