How to choose stones for a bathhouse?

Each nation during washing has its own preferences. The Japanese do not know how to live without a fur – a huge barrel filled with hot water, you can plunge into it entirely. The Turks love to visit hammam, where, like in Russia, stones for a bathhouse are used, but not to heat the furnace, but in order to lie on them. But the Russian bathhouse is known for its healing steam.

What kind of stones exist for a bathhouse?

Stones of volcanic origin are considered the most suitable for their use in the bathhouse, as they cope well with the accumulation of heat, are resistant to high temperature and cool for a long time.

Types of stones for a bathhouse.

Gabbro Diabase is the most affordable and simple stone for the sauna.

Talkhlite is great for the sauna, because the wavelength of its thermal radiation is similar to a person. Therefore, when it is used, the bath is filled with comfortable steam and soft warm.

In appearance, the stone has a light gray color. It has other names: soap or potted stone, steatita, talco magnesite. Mounted stone in Karelia (on the border between Finland and Russia). Residents of Finland make stove-stone stoves from this stone and lining the furnaces for the bathhouse.

Raspberry quartzite is a natural natural stone. Contains a quartz homogeneous mineral composition. It is also mined in Karelia and is used in the decoration of important architectural details of buildings. The memorial boards of the Kazan Cathedral, the ceremonial halls of the Winter Palace Isaakievsky Cathedral in St. Petersburg are trimmed with raspberry quartzite.

The physical and mechanical properties of this beautiful and environmentally friendly material make it possible to use it as stones for warming up furnaces in baths and saunas.

It was revealed that raspberry quartzite has healing properties. It helps to align blood pressure, eliminate malaise from the weather change, eliminate lower back pain, improve male and female potency.

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