How to choose a lock on the door, what to take into account

Choosing the doors, first of all, you need to worry to the installation of the door lock to pass after the main work. Because then the lock will be changed much more difficult. And this process can ruin your new doors.

If you choose doors for entering the apartment, then of course it is better to take reliable doors with the possibility of several options for constipation. It will not be easy to open such doors without the desire of the owner.

When choosing the main door lock, it is better not to save. The castle is the thing that will protect your home from the penetration of attackers. In addition, the castles have their own service life and if you do not want to open your own door at one beautiful point, it is better to take this fact take it into account.

Each overall is designed for a certain number of revolutions, cheap locks, as a rule, rarely reach half the term of their service. In addition, they have a lower degree of protection, such locks are easily opened with the help of conventional master.

English castles are considered the best, they are quite reliable and are also good in quality.

Putting on the door, the castle, it is better not to cost one only constipation. Put two at least, and preferably different designs.

Things are much easier with interior castles, but again do not save on this thing, it was a lot to happen when people called the rescuers because they could not leave the room due to the jammed castle.

Turning spring locks, or cheeks on latches are the best. A little worse in operation will show themselves button-spring locks. Such castles have a bad property to seize.

To date, the market offering locks has grown significantly, the choice is very huge. In order not to get lost in this, it is better to consult with specialists who are versed in this subtle business first.

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