How to choose a cream after 50 Cosmetologist advice

The industry of modern cosmetology is aimed at ensuring that women at any age look young and well -groomed. What companies do not seek to be the best in this area: cosmetics decli, Avon, Oriflame, Yves Rocher, Clinique, Garnier, L’Oreal and many others. Each has its own characteristics. But whatever brand you choose, you still should know. how to choose a cream according to your age.

Here’s what cosmetologists advise women aged 50:

The very first thing you need to do is to understand that after 50 you can look very good, but for this you need to make certain efforts.

Be sure to see that on the jar it is indicated that the cream is precisely for your age (so you can be sure that the components are selected taking into account the age characteristics of the skin of the face).

Do not buy tubes of unknown firms. If you really want, then first find the reviews and description of this manufacturer, and only then decide whether you need such a cream.

Also, do not buy creams at too low prices – suspicious cheapness can result in expensive skin treatment. Exception – sales or shares of well -known manufacturers.

Carefully study the composition of the cream that you think to buy.

-It must include active substances, without them the code will not be able to get the right nutrition.

– Also among the ingredients there should be vitamin A, and its derivatives.

– The next component is retinoids. They help fast regeneration of skin layers and exfoliation of dead cells. It is these substances that give the skin a healthy look.

– Vitamins E and C will enhance the effect of retinoids, will keep the skin in good shape and update weakened skin fibers.

Do not neglect tubes with applicators, it is they who will help the cream easily penetrate the skin.

No matter how good cosmetics is, you still need to try a few brands to find your.

May your skin shine with youth!

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