Healthy cosmetics for your skin what is

Those times have long passed, Kogdschya was considered the only country-manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics. Today, many states of the world make good cosmetics, and South Korea is also among them. Hundreds of scientific laboratories are located on the territory of this state, developing innovative, unique and highly effective means of caring for the human body. All Korean cosmetics were created exclusively on the basis of organics, its manufacturers use the oldest methods of oriental medicine and modern technologies.

Looking at the Korean cosmetics store in St. Petersburg, you can find such Korean brands as: Lioele; The Saem; Secretkey; Skin79; Mizon; Tonymoly and others.


Cosmetic products of famous Korean brands are popular among millions of users from various continents. They are in special demand:

Cosmetics using exotic components: snake venom, snail mucus, liquid gold, etc.;

Anti -aging agents for all skin types;

Active creams with Miner Sea minerals and vitamins;

Balms with herbs extract;

Emulsions with the addition of hoods from rare flowers and high -mountain plants;

Serums of one hundred percent concentration;

Premium cosmetics;

Decorative cosmetics;

Shampoos and hair care products;

Anti -inflammatory drugs;

Nutrient micromas;

Essential oils;

Peptides of the new generation.

Korean cosmetics successfully competes with European manufacturers, in addition to high efficiency and impeccable quality, it also differs in an affordable price. Korea is included in the ten best countries producing healthy cosmetics.

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